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Monaco is synonymous with living the good life. From her towering cliffs, glorious harbours and luxurious hotels. This city state entertains its visitors the Rolex Tennis Master Series and its annual FormulaOne Grand Prix. A cornerstone for a glamorous riviera lifestyle where the rich and famous have indulged in the belle époque casinos and busy casino square – known for people watching. Monaco has undeniably become a place for “influencers” to share their experience with their loyal followers. Treat yourself in Monaco. 

In 2007 I launched a blog where I shared all my favorites, “must have” of the moment, and offered a selection of products in my « shopping list ».

I believe images say 1000 words, speaking for themselves on While developing my blog and working with brands worldwide. When social media came to play, it fascinated, this gave birth to the influencer awards.

While taking a stride on the casino square in Monaco, I realized that Monaco has such an influx of influencers and proudly to post it.

 This was without a doubt the place to gather influencers from around the globe to participate in their very own ceremony, like the Oscars. An evening entirely devoted to these new stars of the web. This is where the adventure begins …

Monaco represents for all: glamor, prestige, luxury, the “French Riviera” known to all with its Mediterranean, and its green nature. No other place in the world offers a quality of life like Monaco. Its small size also makes the organisation much easier than elsewhere.  It’s all Monaco that is preparing to receive all its guests for the event of the year.

For the influencer awards first edition, Monaco will welcome the most influential talents from the web for an unforgettable weekend and on the 7 October evening,  the much anticipated “Red carpet” gala begins, a ceremony rewarding influencers in ten categories.


My proud team, my partners and my friends:

Pauline has been blessed with rare fashion sense. You would have too, had your grandmother been Grace Kelly. Fashion runs deep in the Grimaldi women’s blood. Pauline studied at Parsons School of Design in New York, with these newly required skillsshe created her own clothing line that is on the verge of making it’s public debut. We simply can’t wait.

If this hasn’t sparked your interest for the monegasque lifestyle, Pauline was a former professional diver at the youth olympic summer games in Singapore in 2010, at 16 only!

It’s an honour to have her as our Ambassador.

The “IAM” is a made-in Monaco event, which will take place every year. This event aims to put in the spotlight all these talents of the web deserves to be recognized for the work they do.

Some questions they use to ask:

What are the trends you see happening on social platforms?

The trends are well-being, through nutrition and sport. These influencers allow us to take a visual journey  via their social media, enabling us to discover landscapes in real time almost. In terms of fashion, it’s the colors that are in the spotlight

Is influencer marketing appropriate for every brand?

I think we cannot escape … But more importantly working with the influencer which corresponds to your brand and not only because he/she has following! Identify your target market and narrow down on the influencers suitable for the particular campaign.

What should the public be looking for in an influencer?

New ideas, tips, and to be able to identify ourself with them…

Is a large following the only thing you need to be considered an influencer?

it is certain that the number of followers is important, but it is the quality of the community that counts.

In order to establish oneself as an influencer, it is crucial to have an authentic following, delivering genuine results for the brand.  The influencer community could be your potential future client.  Finally, the personality of the influencer, he/she must affirm his/her taste,his/her universe and accept  brands and products according to their image, to be true to themselves.

What are people’s reactions when you mention the Influencer awards? (From general public and from influencers – can you explain)

The reaction of people is very positive, they do not understand how an event like this has not been realized yet. They find it very much up to date with our connected generation. The influencers are enthusiast and honoured to participate in this unique event.

Name a few of your favourite influencers?

It’s hard to say because I admire their work  and I’m follow many of them, to each their particularity . The blonde salad, the indisputable Chiara Ferragni because she is the first, just indeniable. Jerome Jarre, for his altruistic take on the influencer world.  John-Lee for his motivation, Sincerly Jules for her style!

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